Omega Protein's action spurs local protest

Residents and businesses living near a meat rendering plant in Yorkshire are coming to the end of their patience over transport issues, according to one protestor.

Graham Fawthrop of Thornton, Bradford, has led a demonstration, involving local people, to protest against firm Omega Proteins' appeal to extend its operating hours and increase the number of vehicle movements at its site west of the city.

An application in November 2006 was turned down by the council, but the firm will appeal against this in a hearing to be held this year at City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council.

Fawthrop said: "We will be objecting to the increase in number of vehicles they are requesting and the additional hours, based on the fact that they are running in excess of these now and the impact is severe." Fawthrop has set up a website smellywagons.co.uk to bolster support.

A spokesperson for Omega Proteins parent company Leo Group stressed that the firm needed to review its lorry movements to keep up with increased productivity. "The industry understands it is vital that materials are removed from the processors at the end of each day's kill, to ensure they are able to restart processing again the following day.

"To meet demand, the UK needs to increase its meat processing volumes, and we are an integral part in helping to achieve this hence our need to review our lorry movements."