New “green” lamb range launches in the Co-op

The Co-operative has launched a new range of lamb products as part of an initiative to help promote rural enterprise and protect the environment.

New-season Cambrian Mountains Lamb is now on the shelves of Co-operative food stores as part of the retailer’s Truly Irresistible range.

The premium-quality Welsh lamb is born and reared in the Cambrian Mountains region of mid-Wales by a group of 21 producers, who are part of the Cambrian Mountains Initiative – a project inspired by HRH The Prince of Wales. The lamb is supplied through Dunbia at Llanybydder to Co-operative food stores throughout the UK.

The lamb producers who supply the Cambrian Mountains Lamb to The Co-operative adhere to strict brand principles to ensure best-practice land management, maintain valuable habitats and eco-systems and actively encourage vibrant rural communities. All the producers in the Cambrian Mountains Lamb group are Freedom Food-accredited, meaning they conform to the highest standards of animal welfare.

The farmers also undergo a holistic assessment of their carbon footprint undertaken by Bangor University. By maintaining these strict animal welfare and environmental standards to produce the lamb, they are able to command a premium for their product

The project was inspired by HRH The Prince of Wales who, as the Cambrian Mountains Initiative president, wishes to help sustain traditional upland farms and rural communities.

All packs of The Co-operative Truly Irresistible Cambrian Mountains Lamb carry an ‘on-pack label’ letting consumers know that 10 pence from the sale of every pack sold through Co-operative stores goes to The Prince’s Charities group.