Cooking bus takes to the road

The Scottish government has launched a 'cooking bus' to show children, parents and teachers how to cook simple, healthy meals and give them essential food handling and preparation skills.

The bus will tour primary and secondary schools across Scotland, providing sessions on issues such as hygiene, nutrition and recycling.

The bus is equipped with a plasma screen so that visitors, particularly in rural areas, can gather round and watch the cooking workshop.

To ensure that the bus makes a lasting impact, schools and community groups will be supplied with cooking equipment and teaching resources, as well as training for adults in how to use them. Classes are also being held for community leaders, with a special focus on tackling health inequalities in disadvantaged areas.

Education secretary Fiona Hyslop said: "We already know that catching youngsters at an early age is a great way to stop them falling into bad habits. We want the cooking bus to put Scotland's children on the road to a healthier future."