Quality Meat Scotland reinstates spring lamb campaign

Quality Meat Scotlandís spring lamb campaign will be returning next year, despite a fall in the organisationís coffers.

Due to a squeeze on resources last year, Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) said it had to consolidate its Scotch Lamb marketing campaigns from spring and autumn to autumn-only, but chief executive ĎUel Morton added that two yearly Scotch Lamb marketing campaigns will now be reinstated in the backdrop of falling incomes.

Speaking at the launch of Quality Meat Scotlandís (QMS) Annual Review 2009/10, Morton added: ďAnd we have been able to introduce an exciting support marketing campaign this autumn, the details of which will be fully revealed when it is launched in mid-September.Ē

QMSí Annual Review has shown that, prior to an increase in the levy rate, the organisationís income during the year ended 31 March 2010 had continued to fall as predicted. During the year QMS received £3.85m of statutory red meat levy, continuing the downward trend of recent years with £3.9m in 2008/09 and £4.2m in 2007/08.

Despite this, QMS chairman Donald Biggar, speaking at the launch, added that an enthusiasm to embrace new technology boded well for the future of the Scottish red meat supply chain, with many examples of technology developed in recent projects being readily adopted by the industry. ďThe good news is this is making a real difference to both the bottom line and sustainability at a time when our industryís green credentials are under intense scrutiny,Ē he said.

Biggar added that the level of commitment to tackling important diseases from Scottish cattle, sheep and pig producers also sends out a positive signal about the future of the industry.

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