Ulster Farmers’ Union welcomes Moy Park meeting

The Ulster Farmers’ Union has welcomed news that Moy Park is to have its first meeting with O’Kane Poultry growers, following the acquisition of the company.

Moy Park acquired O’Kane Poultry earlier this year, at a time when O’Kane growers were experiencing serious production and profitability problems, the Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU) said, and a proposed meeting to initiate dialogue between the company and growers is seen as a positive development.

UFU president John Thompson said: “The UFU has been facilitating negotiations between O’Kane Poultry and their growers. There has been a focus on ensuring we achieve an acceptable broiler growers’ trading agreement. A new contract will supersede the existing contract when it has been finalised. This first meeting between Moy Park and former O’Kane growers will be an important first step to initiating a positive dialogue between the two parties.”