Bluetongue vaccine update

Defra has announced that the Bluetongue Protection Zone will be extended again on Monday 7 July, following the delivery by Intervet of almost 2 million additional doses of Bluetongue vaccine.

Vaccination is only permitted within the Protection Zone. In accordance with the Bluetongue vaccination plan, the Protection Zone will be extended to cover all of the East Riding of Yorkshire (including the City of Kingston upon Hull), South Yorkshire (made up of the metropolitan boroughs of Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield), Gloucestershire (including the unitary authority of South Gloucestershire) and Warwickshire.

The additional vaccine is now available for use in the existing Protection Zone.

Livestock keepers in the areas coming into the Protection Zone will be able to obtain the vaccine from Monday. However, they are encouraged to order vaccine so that they can protect their livestock at the earliest opportunity.

Defra said the Protection Zone restrictions will apply to those keepers coming into the extended zone. Additionally, animals can only be moved out of the Protection Zone if they are vaccinated, naturally immune or moving for slaughter, subject to meeting certain conditions. Animals will also be able to be moved between the Protection Zones in Wales and England, subject to the conditions on the transit licence.