Kelsey takes top job at National Federation

London-based butcher Roger Kelsey has been revealed as the new top man at the National Federation of Meat & Food Traders (NFMFT).

Kelsey, a third generation butcher, has been announced as the new chief executive officer of the NFMFT, replacing Graham Bidston, who retired in June after 26 years in the organisation.

The new CEO has been involved with the Federation for a number of years, acting as executive councillor and was president in 1996. He said he brings to the position not only ‘empathy, but also practical knowledge and proven experience of how the Federation works’.

During his time with the NFMFT, Kelsey has represented the Federation to both industry organisations and UK government departments. In recent years, he has had responsibility for marketing, public relations, and strategy initiatives.

In a statement from the NFMFT, Kelsey said in his role as CEO he ‘will be responsible for delivering the operational, financial, and strategic goals of the Federation’.

He admitted that ‘he may neither be the conventional, nor necessarily an obvious choice for the job’, however he said he was ‘looking forward to tackling the many challenges which lay ahead’.