market insight


GB deadweight cattle prices increased on the week (w/e 4 September) in line with seasonal trends. The overall average deadweight price for all classes of prime cattle increased 1p to 266.5p/kg. The R4L steer and R4L heifer prices also recorded increases of 1p to 275.3p and 272.3p/kg while the R3 young bull price rose by over 2p week on week to 259.1p/kg.

The gap between the farmgate and retail beef price widened between July and August to 53.9%. The producer price for beef fell month on month to 260.6p/kg while there was a small increase in the average retail price. In August producers received about 46% of the price.


In week ended 4 September the deadweight sheep trade strengthened week on week. The SQQ increased to 366.5p/kg, up six pence on the previous week.

The producer price of lamb rose by 3% between July and August to average 368p/kg. In contrast, the average retail lamb price fell by 1% to 697p/kg dw. This resulted in the producer receiving 53% of the final retail lamb price.

A fall in retail prices occurred across most cuts between July and August. The largest falls were for whole leg, dropping by 4% to £8.74/kg and fillet end leg, down 2% to £9.10/kg.


The DAPP fell by under 0.5p to 142.6p/kg (w/e 4 September). The number of pigs in the sample only fell by 5% on the week.

Despite a 3p reduction to 144p/kg in the average farm price between July and August, the retail price of pork increased by 1p to average 363p/kg. The retail bacon price fell 2p/kg to 415p/kg.

The average retail price of traditional pork sausages recovered from falling 4% in July with a 5% increase in August, up 25p/kg to 530p/kg. There was also a 2% rise in loin chops, up to 628p/kg, and 1% rises in the price of boneless shoulder, loin steaks, and minced pork.