Twickenham council hunts for a butcher to fill gap

A London suburb is on the prowl for a butcher to offer residents a more complete town centre experience.

Twickenham, in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, is described by the local authority as a "foodie town", offering a wide choice of restaurants, a weekly farmers' market, fishmongers and a greengrocer. However, the one thing missing from the town centre is a butcher, according to local residents.

Natasha Carr, Twickenham town centre manager, said that, when questioning local residents about what they would like to see added, top of the list was a quality butcher.

"A butcher is the essential food specialist that Twickenham is lacking and we would welcome and support with open arms a quality butcher looking to set up in our town," she said.

According to Carr, the town has plenty to offer any would-be meat trader, with a well-educated, affluent population "who desire quality goods and services".