Butchers’ Hall awaits Champion of Champions

In a few weeks the declaration of the UK's ultimate sausage-maker, with MTJ's Champion of Champions competition, will take place.

The venue is Butchers’ Hall in London on 25 October, where the competition will see the best sausage-makers in the country competing to see who will take the ultimate top title in sausage contests.

With at least 23 butchers competing in this year's event, the competition looks set to be tough. Ed Bedington, editor of MTJ, said: "Champion of Champions has to be the most hotly contested title if you're serious about your sausages.

"Each year, the competition gets tougher and this year will be no exception. Last year saw Allan Bennett take the title with an orange marmalade concoction, which, against all the odds, had the judges' tastebuds zinging."

Sponsoring this year's competition are Bpex, Lucas Ingredients and Naturin/Viscofan's Colfan HL.

For further details contact Helen Law on 01293 846587, or email her at helen.law@william-reed.co.uk.

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