Verstegen launches seasonal sauces for butchers

A new range of sauces for butchers to tickle their customers' tastebuds has been launched by Verstegen Spices & Sauces.

The Netherlands-based company has brought in two new flavours for the autumn season – Hazelnut Cherry sauce and Red Port sauce – both available in 2.7-litre pails.

The new flavours are also available in 150ml unbranded sticks or sachets, along with five other flavours, Green Peppercorn, Wild Mushroom, Grand Veneur, White Wine and Black Garlic.

Jon Childs, from Verstegen, said: "The sauces are great for adding a bit of festive flavour to oven-ready dishes and casserole products, or can be safely mixed together with existing Verstegen sauces to create unique new flavours.

"The idea to develop a range of sauces in unbranded sachets came from seeing a bigger demand for similar products from butchers and their customers.

"While many customers are turning towards value-added oven-ready meat products, there are still a lot of people who like to buy traditional cuts of meat together with a sauce separately, which can be quickly heated and served at the table.

Butchers can also give the sauces away to customers to promote a new product, or special offer."

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