Food Standards Agency to decide CCTV policy

The Food Standards Agency board will decide on Tuesday (12 October) whether to support a proposal to actively encourage slaughterhouses to install CCTV for animal welfare purposes.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) executive is recommending to its board to endorse its actions of encouraging the installation by Food Business Operators (FBO) of cameras, and for FBOs to be active in monitoring footage as a tool to help protect animal welfare.

The discussion will be held at 1.40pm and will be available to view on the FSA’s website.

Animal rights pressure group Animal Aid is now stepping up its campaign by calling on supermarkets to only buy meat from animals killed in slaughterhouses fitted with CCTV cameras.

Its website read: “The slaughterhouse owners will listen to the supermarkets, who are their main customers, and the supermarkets will listen to their customers – you.”

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