EBLEX launches new foodservice cuts

EBLEX have launched a new range of Quality Standard value-added steak cuts and lamb grills to help caterers cope with food inflation.

The eight new steak cuts and four lamb grills were developed by EBLEX as alternatives to the more expensive cuts, such as sirloin and fillet, with no compromise on quality.

The new products were launched at two special events - held in Osmington near Weymouth and Knutsford, Cheshire - and attended by catering butchers and representatives from large foodservice companies, including chain pub and restaurant groups.

EBLEX invited members of its Quality Standard scheme to attend the launch events to learn more about the new ranges and to try the cuts for themselves. Samples of every cut were available for guests to cook themselves, either to their preference or to the specification of their business.

David Jenkins, sales director of Pioneer Foodservice, said: "The impact of food inflation has meant that our company, like every other, has been forced to increase the price of all our meat products.

"As a butcher I'm very sceptical about new meat cuts, particularly from the forequarter as they tend not to grill well and become tough.

"However, EBLEX has proved me wrong and shown that with careful seam butchery, a cut such as Flat Iron from the Chuck, which is usually used for stewing, can now be marketed as a premium steak. This is a great development for our industry and one that our customers will really welcome."

Hugh Judd, foodservice project manager for EBLEX, said: "We recognised that with the price of ingredients continuing to rise, caterers would want to find ways to reduce costs while maintaining quality, which is why we decided to look at some alternative beef and lamb cuts.

"Allowing guests to cook the steaks themselves meant that they could try them out to see if they thought they could work within their business."

To help caterers make the most of this exciting range of steaks and grills, EBLEX has produced a brand new summertime promotional kit. Available to members of the EBLEX Quality Standard scheme, this kit is packed full of material to help boost sales of the new cuts this summer.

For more information about the new steak and grill range, promotional kit or to become an EBLEX scheme member call the hotline on 0800 781 4221 or visit www.eblexfoodservice.co.uk.

It costs nothing to join the Quality Standard scheme, caterers simply need to register with EBLEX and ensure that they are sourcing from an EBLEX approved supplier. Details of suppliers in your area can also be found on the website.