High prices are bar to organic buys says YouGov

The cost of organic goods is deterring UK consumers, according to a new report from YouGov.

Of those who avoid purchasing organic foods, 58% do so because of perceived high prices, the research organisation found. People are also sceptical of claims made by the organic industry: one in four consumers who don't buy organic do not think it is any better than non-organic food, according to YouGov.The heaviest resistance for organic is coming from women aged 25-39, with 71% in this bracket not buying on account of cost.

YouGov also found that 42% of consumers say they would buy more organic if they could afford it, while one in three consumers depend on special offers in order to take advantage of organic options.

There remains a large minority of UK consumers who only buy organic produce. A core segment of 13% tend to be women aged 25 and over, educated, homeowners, in one-person households and affluent, as well as Londoners.

The report also showed that the same amount of UK consumers would only buy organic foods if they are locally sourced and one in five consumers believe that organic products are used as status symbols.

James McCoy, research director for YouGov SixthSense, said: "There is a notable level of consumer disdain directed towards organic and those who engage in the organic lifestyle. For many, organic foods occasion a feeling of insecurity, with 14% of consumers feeling guilty for not buying enough organic products."

The survey covered 2,168 UK adults from 26-30 August 2010.

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