World Meat Congress: Brazil defends activity on conservation

Brazil does not need to cut down any more trees to increase its meat production, delegates to the WMC were told.

Francisco Sérgio Ferreira Jardim, from Brazil's agriculture ministry, said the country was taking steps to tackle the issues surrounding deforestation of the Amazon.

He said there were many claims about Brazil's level of deforestation, but a new scheme had been launched using satellites to map areas of the country and take action when evidence of deforestation was discovered. This scheme would soon be rolled out to other areas of the country, he added.

The country is also undertaking a scheme to recover poor-quality grassland, and Jardim said the Brazilian government was aiming to recover 15m hectares of land. He added that, with the growing world population, Brazil was best-placed to fulfil demand, and it need not be at the cost of the environment: "Brazil does not need to cut down one more tree to increase our meat production."