French strikes threatened 3rd day of Sial

The third day of the Paris show Sial may not open due to strike action across France.

Threatened strike action by railway workers, taxi drivers and Belgian train drivers is likely to hit the third day of Sial and IPA show, due to the fact that many staff may not be able to get to the venue on the edge of Paris, the Parc des Expos near Charles de Gaulle airport.

There is a serious chance that the show will not take place: at the very least the exhibition is facing a severe drop in visitor numbers on the basis of many we spoke to at Sial and IPA, who said they will stay away.

According to Ian Darlington, head of UK and Ireland operations at manufacturer Armor Inox, "It's been very quiet today and goodness knows what things are going to be like tomorrow."

However Laurent Vernet, head of marketing at Quality Meat Scotland was one dissenting voice: according to him the threat has been exaggerated: "There is fuel being brought in from other countries, sources have told us. We are not worried about people attending tomorrow."

According to a spokesperson for Sopexa; "We are laying on taxis; but tomorrow will be a difficult day. We are advising people to take a taxi or hire a car."

UPDATE: Sial will be open today (Tuesday) closing at 8.30PM.

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