Danish Crown board votes to form limited company

The board of Danish Crown has voted to establish a limited company that will be wholly owned by the co-operative.

The company insisted that there was no intention to replace the co-operative set-up.

"It was a question of ensuring that Danish Crown had the tools that will be needed in the long term to fulfil the growth strategy adopted by the Board of Representatives," said Niels Mikkels, chairman of the board of directors of Danish Crown.

"Initially, we had decided to set up a limited company, which will open up other options in the longer term. However, these are options that must now be analysed in greater detail.

The options will be discussed with members, and will also have to be adopted by the Board of Representatives.

The proposal has been debated by members since February this year, when it was presented at a meeting of the Board of Representatives.

Since then, it has been on the agenda of all meetings of the Board of Representatives, and it was also debated at this summerís meetings for members across the country.

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