Heather Mills to head up 'Don't Eat Animals' debate

Animal rights campaigner, and ex-wife of Paul McCartney, Heather Mills will be arguing for the ending of the use of animals as human food in a debate on 9 December.

Held by events organiser Intelligence Squared, the discussion will also include contributions from
philosopher Peter Singer, whose book 'Animal Liberation' is seen as the founding statement of the animal rights movement.

Robin Dunbar, anthropologist and evolutionary biologist, will argue against the motion proposing that society 'don't eat animals', along with food writer Paul Levy.

Levy has written that, in continental Europe, "the concept of principled abstention from meat is
alien to most of its cultures".

In a release flagging up the debate, Intelligence Squared asked: "Is eating meat an acceptable part of our way of life and an important part of our common humanity?

"Or is the slaughter in abattoirs, masked by the shrink-wrap presentation in the supermarket shopping basket, completely inhumane? Decide for yourself at this Intelligence Squared debate."

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