Common ground on halal by Graham Barber

Regarding your comment in last week's MTJ, 15 October, asking, "should industry defend its stance on halal?", what stance are you referring to?

Do you mean just halal, not mentioning kosher, which, in my opinion, is getting away with much more? Or are you referring to the professional opinions of what is generally termed as 'religious slaughter' of animals and birds for our consumption? In The Daily Mail report about illegal slaughter, it also mentioned illegal dressing, not to mention thoughts on labelling. These are all pitfalls and nothing to do with the real heart of the matter namely, animal welfare rights at slaughter.

There is no need for it all, as it will lead to prejudice, ill-feeling and separation, damaging our trade from start to finish.

What the trade should do is what you advise in your same comment "show interest in honesty and open production".

That entails we must stop going along with unstunned animals and birds at the point of slaughter and that means enhancing both Jewish and Muslim methods together with our own ways, respecting their prayers and traditions, and backing them up by revoking the exemption laid down by the government in the WASK Regulation.

Our industry should seek to find common ground this is the only sound and righteous (morally right) way forward.