BDCI dinner has set a new standard by Mike Smith

I just wanted to offer a few words of congratulations to the organisers of this year's BDCI festival dinner. What a show, and what an evening. I think it has to be one of the best we've seen in quite some time.

Carsten and his team did a wonderful job, lining up some first rate entertainment and laying on a fantastic do for everyone to enjoy. Chris Evans proved to be a great presenter and Jools Holland, his band and the various singers were all superb. Hopefully the success of the evening will translate into healthy amounts when it comes to totting up what has been raised.

The bar has certainly been set very high by Carsten and we look forward to seeing how those who follow in his footsteps compare.

The BDCI is a great charity which does a lot of good work for those in our industry who have fallen on hard times. While we all need to do our bit to keep raising money for this worthy cause, we also need to spread the word to ensure the charity is made accessible to everyone in our industry who needs it.

This year's festival dinner has put the BDCI back on the map. With a new sense of energy, purpose and drive, let's help push the charity forward and ensure it gives as much support to our sector as possible.