Pioneer Foodservice invests in dry-aged beef

Pioneer Foodservice has invested £30,000 in the latest process to take the beef-eating experience to a new level, the has company said.

Pioneer’s new investment at its Rosehill butchery in Carlisle is a dedicated chill area to dry-age beef on the bone.

The company added that the increasing interest in dry-ageing beef from the restaurant and catering industry is the reason behind the funding.

Pioneer sales director David Jenkins said: “Dry-ageing gives the beef a unique flavour and our catering customers, who have tried it in their restaurants, have said it gives them a unique point of difference on their menus.

“To my knowledge we are the only catering butcher in the area actively promoting and marketing the concept of dry-aged beef,” he added.

Currently Pioneer is marketing the product to its foodservice customers only. The beef is available in a variety of cuts, including sirloins, ribs, fillets, whole ribeyes and all cut steaks.

The company is now offering an open invitation to any catering chef to see the new facility at Rosehill.