Compassion awards university free-range use

Compassion in World Farming has awarded three universities special recognition for using free-range chicken in their catering operations.

The University of Winchester, Oxford Brookes University and the University of Portsmouth have each been handed Good Chicken Awards by the charity at a ceremony held last week at Headington Hill Hall, Oxford Brookes University, to recognise good practice and leadership within the food industry.

In a recent Student Lifestyle Report conducted by the National Union of Students, students named non free-range status the number one reason for them to boycott products or services.

Awards host and twice Michelin star chef Paul Merrett said: “It was a fantastic night, full of university catering staff proud to make a significant contribution to Compassion’s movement towards ending factory farming for good. “Switching to free–range eggs and higher-welfare chicken is simply the most sustainable and rewarding thing to do from an ethical, social and environmental perspective.”

Katy Read, Compassion food business manager, added: “From this event we aim to inspire institutions and their students to make positive choices and work with us to improve the lives of millions more farm animals and the environment.”]

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