Jimmys Farming Heros

Television star and rare pig breeder Jimmy Doherty is championing farmers across the country in a new series aimed at giving the public a true picture of farming life.

Jimmy Doherty's Farming Heroes is a six-part BBC series, that takes viewers on a revealing and entertaining journey around the UK to discover and celebrate the best of one of Britain's most diverse industries.

He has travelled from the Highlands of Scotland, to Northern Ireland, Wales and across England, looking at whether farmers can deliver food we can trust at a price we can afford, and how they are responding to the challenges of the 21st century.

Jimmy's BBC research crew was assisted by NFU Scotland during the making of the Scottish edition - which looks at beef breeding, crofting life, forestry and even bog myrtle production.

Anna Davies, NFU Scotland's communications manager, said: "Jimmy isn't just trying to create an idyllic impression of farm life, but is actually showing the harsh realities of what life is like when you're battling with the climate, the landscape and a tough marketplace.

"As Jimmy has said, we're going to need all the farmers we can get as world demand for food grows and Jimmy has really been highlighting the crucial importance of agriculture to us all. The programme is providing an excellent shop window for the farming community to show the general public what life is really like in rural areas and to show how our food and drink travels from farm gate to dinner plate.

"NFU Scotland worked closely with the BBC when they were researching and filming for the Scottish episode of the programme and we're delighted that the series has been so well received thus far. We await the Scottish episode with anticipation."

The Scottish episode will air on Tuesday 12 August on BBC2 at 8pm.