Securing your company's future

I noted Simon Howie lamenting a shortage of recruits and Woodall's closing its doors after 180 years; out of 21 employees no one was able to take over the reins.

We really need to get succession planning right. There may be an increase in youngsters entering the food and drink industry, but how many of these will work in meat?

Clever youngsters look for career progression and a firm to show a commitment to and investment in their development.

The Meat Operations Management Diploma has been designed with this in mind. It will give training and experience to recent graduates, but also develops people who have worked in the industry for years and who show true potential, but lack that formal education that would enable them to move up the ranks.

So, if you are interested in attracting high-calibre recruits, or developing your own employees, so they are able to improve the firm, with a view to running it one day, call 024 76 478629 or 07905 847529.