Poultry workers honoured

Leading lights from across the poultry industry have been honoured for their contribution to the sector. The British Poultry Council Awards, held at the House of Commons this week, saw a wide range of individuals recognised for their work, and a new award introduced – the Poultry Industry Training Award.

Richard Griffiths, from BPC, said: “As an industry we are committed to bringing more young people in and offering them the opportunity for an exciting and dynamic career. The training award now exists to recognise a company or individual that embraces that ethos and drives it forward for the benefit of the industry.”

Winners on the day included Robin Faccenda, of Faccenda, Eric Reid, of Moy Park and Richard Bird, of Cherry Valley who were all presented with Distinguished Service awards.

The Poultry Industry Marketing Award was taken by goose producer Judy Goodman for her tireless work in promoting geese to the market.

Vet Stephen Lister was honoured with the Poultry Industry Special Merit Award for his outstanding service to the sector.

The Poultry Industry Scholarship Award was taken by Erica Bickerton, a researcher who has done considerable work in developing vaccine candidates for commercially important virus strains.

The Poultry Industry Training Award was taken by James Hook and Peter Furlong for the establishment of a scholarship scheme between PD Hook and Harper Adams.

Presenting the award, BPC chairman John Reed said: “It is the enthusiasm of people like James and Peter that is generating an industry-wide commitment to recruit young people into the industry. I am delighted to say that eight major companies will be offering scholarships this year.”