Reindeer pie launched for Christmas

To celebrate the festive season, a new pie has been launched in London to give people the chance to sample the delicious and distinctive delicacy of reindeer.

‘The Rudolph’ is made from organic free-range reindeer meat in a red wine and mushroom sauce, garnished with a dusting of herbs. The pie is available at Battersea Pie Station’s Covent Garden store.

While it is an uncommon choice of meat in Britain, reindeer are one of the most abundant animals on the planet and are widely consumed in Scandinavia, where they are prized for a rich, gamey, sweet flavour. In contrast to other fatty festive favourites such as goose and ham, reindeer is low in fat, high in protein and rich in minerals.

All the reindeer meat used by Battersea Pie Station is said to be free-range from ranches in Sweden, which have no fences or enclosures. This means the animals roam free and live off natural vegetation. All the reindeer are shot under licence in line with UK practices and they are not herded by snowmobiles.

James Stephenson, Battersea Pie Station founder, said: “We wanted to do something that was more adventurous than the traditional festive offerings and also had the same delicious gourmet taste that our pies are known for. We take pride in the quality of our ingredients and all of the reindeer meat used in ‘The Rudolph’ is free-range and this is reflected in the taste.

“Unlike many turkeys, which will be reared in enclosed barns ready for Christmas Day, all our reindeer have been raised on vast open ranches. Reindeer is very seasonal and is at its best at this time of year. It is also bursting with rich flavour, which is perfect for our pies.”

Founded in 2007, Battersea Pie Station opened its first store in Covent Garden and its second eatery is set to open in the Bluewater Shopping Centre this month. ‘The Rudolph’ is priced at £6 eat-in or £5 takeaway.

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