All the fun of the Butchers' Fair
Published:  20 December, 2010

Meat Trades Journal is launching a series of shows this year, which aim to highlight the innovation, skills and best-practice needed to mix it with the very best in butchery.

The Butchers’ Fairs take place in spring and autumn 2011 and tickets are available now for those in the industry who want to be challenged, want to learn new skills, see the latest equipment and meet fellow professionals.

The events — one in the south and one in the north to ensure all can attend — already have the backing of the National Federation of Meat and Food Traders (NFMFT), the Q Guild and the National Association of Catering Butchers (NACB).

The first show, Butchers’ Fair Spring takes place on Sunday, 10 April at Newbury Racecourse, Berkshire, while the Butchers’ Fair Autumn takes place on Sunday, 2 October, at the Bolton Arena, Bolton, Lancashire.

Philip Cranston, chair of the Q Guild, said: “Here in the Guild we are eagerly looking forward to The Butchers’ Fairs. We think it’s a great idea to have them in different parts of the country, which will be much appreciated by our members.”

Peter Allen, chair of the NACB, said: “In a time of difficult trading there is a tendency to look inward, so it is refreshing to see this trade event, which will bring a spark into the year.”

By visiting the show, butchers will come away with plenty of business-boosting initiatives and good ideas on how to improve product quality and business performance. There is live activity too, including competitions, seminars and a masterclass in new techniques.

For more details, call Rebecca George on 01293 610422, or email rebecca.george@william-reed.co.uk.

The MTJ Butchers’ Fair will be sited alongside the Bakers’ Fair, so if you make or sell any baked or savoury goods, there is even a chance to take that in as well.