Beef labelling admendments

THE EUROPEAN Commission and member states are to discuss a draft regulation introducing changes to the beef labelling legislation.

The EC said there has been a lack of clarity and poor implementation of the rules due to practical operating problems in certain areas.

The proposal includes:

¦ A new list of definitions for minced meat (including mixes of different species), trimmings, cut meat, pre-packed cut meat, non pre-packed cut meat and batch.

¦ New rules on size and composition of group of animals, including derogations for cut beef, head meat and trimmings (allow beef trimmings to use the same group requirements as minced beef, and allow cut beef to come from animals slaughtered in two abattoirs and carcases cut in two de-boning plants).

¦ Retail sites (non pre-packed, cut meat) could use simplified minced meat labelling provisions.