Rotting reindeer meat discovered

A parcel containing rotting reindeer meat has been confiscated after being found by UK Border Agency (UKBA) officers in Coventry.

The parcel was sent from Germany and although imports from European Union countries are not usually stopped by the UKBA because of stringent food hygiene regulations, the package was seized because officers deemed it a public health risk.

Chris Bagley, UKBA assistant director at Coventry's international postal hub, said: "We will stop any parcels sent from abroad that pose a danger to the public or that breach trading standards We are also on the look-out for products of animal origin, because unregulated imports could potentially bring diseases into our food chain. This particular parcel was selected due to the dreadful smell it gave off.

"Our officers were shocked to discover the box was crammed full with a chopped-up reindeer carcase, including its antlers. The meat had started to decay during transit and was never going to be safe to eat, so we had to arrange for it to be incinerated."