Make the most of NBW

Hopefully the post-Christmas blues are over and your trade is beginning to pick up.


The first few months of the year can always be tough, with people cutting back on the Christmas excess, both in terms of diet and expenditure. So during the quieter time, I hope you've all been busy making plans for your activities during this year's National Butchers' Week!


We have been organising this week now for four years, and each one has built upon the successes of the last, with more and more of the trade buying into the scheme and this is vital. We want butchers across the UK to be able to take advantage of a week in which MTJ and other sponsors are campaigning to get a spotlight put on the business. How much you do is up to you whether it's simply blowing up a few of the balloons we're giving away, and putting up the posters, or hiring a marching band to parade outside your store. But the more you put into it, the more you'll get out.


There's just over a month to go before the event, and you should be getting your PR toolkits, window stickers and posters from us for the week. I hope they will give you food for thought. And don't forget to let us know what you're doing as ever, we'll select the most imaginative or exciting scheme and the winner will get a case of wine. So get planning!