German appointment for Eblex and Bpex

English red meat is to be given a boost in German-speaking countries following a new appointment by Eblex and Bpex.

Dr Tim Schäfer has been appointed to look after the two organisations’ beef, lamb and pork interests, and will build on his previous experience in the meat sector, including sheep and beef production in Australia and New Zealand.

Schäfer has also managed the meat marketing section of the German food board CMA, as well as being involved with Third Country meat exports. He is now consultant to the German government for the marketing of German food to Third Countries.

Jean-Pierre Garnier, export manager for Eblex and Bpex said: “We will be very pleased to work with Dr Schäfer in developing our exports of lamb, beef and pork to Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

“The regions are the largest markets for meat in Europe. Germany alone is our biggest destination for pork, the third for lamb and our sixth for beef.

“We have seen a marked improvement of our market position with our ‘Lecker Lamm’ marketing campaign but we have ambitions to further our meat exports.”