FSA announces research into modernising meat controls

Food standards bosses have announced a plan to commission research to help gather evidence to modernise official controls on meat.

The Food Standards Agency said it was commissioning four pieces of research as part of the Future Meat Controls Research Programme.

It said the driving force behind the programme was to improve public health by adopting a more risk- and evidence-based approach to meat production.

The areas of research will be:

* An evaluation of food chain information, and collection and communication of inspection results for all species.
* Trialling the visual inspection for fattening pigs from non-controlled housing conditions.
* A qualitative risk assessment of visual inspection of red meat and farmed/wild large game (all ages and species other than swine).
* Trialling the use of a plant inspection assistant in approved game handling establishments (small and large wild game).

The deadline for applications is Wednesday 6 April 2011. More information about how to apply can be found here.

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