Scottish meat bosses push ‘buy local’ lamb campaign

QMS 'buy local' Scotch lamb campaign

Quality Meat Scotland is encouraging consumers to ‘buy local’ in its new Scotch Lamb campaign.

The four-week advertising campaign is targeting the Scottish market and will include a cover wrap of Scottish editions of The Times Food and Drink Supplement, as well as sheet billboards at Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco. Adverts aim to remind customers of the tradition that underpins Scotch Lamb production and promote a fresh, seasonal image.

Suzie Carlaw, QMS marketing manager, said: “Unlike many other parts of the world, Scotch Lamb is produced very naturally, with the meat taking on the flavour of the pastures in different parts of Scotland. Not only is it delicious, but consumers have every reason to feel very proud of the product produced on their doorstep.”

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