The Princess Royal and ‘Ladies in Beef’ announce British Beef Week

HRH the Princess Royal will officially launch a new organisation of female beef farmers at a reception at Butcher’s Hall next week, and unveil its flagship event, ‘Great British Beef Week’.

‘Ladies in Beef’ has been founded to raise awareness of British beef and will use a network of regional ‘champions’ to front regional media campaigns and raise the profile of beef. Its inaugural ‘Great British Beef Week’ has already gained the support of several major retailers, with Sainsbury’s signed up to provide on-pack promotions. The week-long event will run from 29-30 April and has been timed to coincide with St George’s Day and the Royal Wedding.

Ladies in Beef co-founder Jilly Greed said: “We are delighted to have the support of so many of the multiple retailers and we would love to see as many independent butchers as possible getting behind Great British Beef Week. It’s a fantastic opportunity to boost sales of British beef at a time when patriotism will be at its highest.”

The Ladies in Beef campaign was founded by Minette Batters, Wiltshire National Farming Union (NFU) county chair and Jilly Greed, vice-chairman of the National Beef Association (NBA) South West. The ladies have already recruited 20 regional representatives across the country.

Minette Batters added: “Historically it has only been men who have promoted the beef industry so we feel this will come from a different angle. We genuinely believe that lady beef farmers will have a real appeal for the mainstream media, which is why we put this group together.

“We hope to be able to generate positive publicity for British beef, especially with regard to its quality, versatility and, as part of a balanced diet, its excellent nutritional and health benefits. We would also like to raise awareness of the Red Tractor quality assurance logo and help consumers better understand the guarantee of provenance and traceability that it represents.”

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