Marel brings home the bacon with $6m contract

Marel, the international machinery supplier, has secured a $6m (£3.67m) contract for its new bacon slicer system.

Marelís IBS 4600 four-blade slicer, which is made in Norwich, will now be supplied to an American bacon processor, whose name has been witheld for commercial sensitivity.

Martin Baldwin, Marel sales director,† said he was confident the IBS 4600 would achieve considerable success in the thriving pre-cooked bacon processing market.

He said: ďHaving played a key role in its development, our American customer quickly realised that this machine would boost his profitability and production efficiency.

ďItís a ground-breaking development born out of our unrivalled knowledge of high-speed slicing in the retail bacon sector and, having applied that to the pre-cooked market, we are confident of achieving worldwide success and maintaining our leading position as a manufacturer of high-speed slicing machines and systems.Ē

Marelís IBS 4600 has easily loaded independent feeds, each with its own vision system, that provides weight control of individual slices, regardless of belly or loin size. The system also gathers vital data, allowing the processor to control the exact composition of each slice and means the much sought-after objective of producing controlled weight slices after cooking can be achieved.

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