Scottish meat on offer at luxury Hong Kong hotel

Beef, lamb and haggis supplied by Scottish butcher Simon Howie has been featured on a menu at a luxury hotel in Hong Kong.

The Gleneagles Hotel in Perthshire created the dishes at the city’s Mandarin Oriental hotel as part of a tasting menu with some of Scotland’s finest whiskies.

The special ‘marriage of whisky and food’ menu, featuring dry-aged sirloin of beef, black-faced seaweed fed lamb, and haggis, all supplied by Simon Howie, has been created by Gleneagles’ executive head chef Alan Gibb specially to showcase the best of Scotland.

Mike McCafferty, general manager at Simon Howie Foods, said: “Arranging all the export licences required for our produce might have involved a degree of administration, but it is certainly worthwhile to have our produce featured at such a special event in such a prestigious location with a reputation for excellence.

“Created by craft butchers with traditional skills, all our beef is produced in Scotland from specialist beef herds, which are grass-fed in summer and wintered on natural feeds, and I’m delighted that Gleneagles – one of our biggest clients – has chosen to feature our beef, together with our lamb and haggis, at the Mandarin Oriental.”

>> Scottish butcher on a haggis high