Tesco sets £20 PriceCheck refund limit

Tesco has backtracked on an offer to reimburse shoppers who can buy products cheaper at Asda - after hundreds of people claimed refunds.

It had promised to pay customers twice the difference if products were bought for less at the stores of its rival.

But Tesco is not limiting the value of the refund to £20 worth of vouchers after shoppers took advantage of the offer.

The scheme, known as PriceCheck, was launched at the beginning of the month. Customers can claim their money by entering their receipt number on the PriceCheck website. Tesco then emails the voucher.

A spokesperson for Tesco said: “A very small number of people have used PriceCheck just to seek out products which a competitor has on promotion and to make some money out of our guarantee.

“Fewer than one in 5,000 customers have been awarded vouchers over £20. We commend their ingenuity, but this isn’t why we set up the guarantee. So we’ve introduced a £20 limit.”

Asda replied: “If you claim to be the cheapest, call me old-fashioned, but it helps to really be the cheapest.”

One customer, shopping for MoneySavingExpert.com, found that some alcohol, laundry products and pet food were cheaper at Asda. He spent £126 at Tesco on a shop that would have cost £81 at Asda, and claimed a £90 voucher. One fan on the Manchester United website claimed to have made £600.

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