DB Foods launches high-welfare veal

A new joint venture launching high-welfare veal hopes to create a long-term solution to the disposal of unwanted bull calves.

Brookfield Farm, a joint-venture between DB Foods and Tarrant Valley Livestock, will concentrate on producing high-welfare meat from farms based in the West Country.

The company, which is branded with the Freedom Foods logo, will bring out a veal range in September, sourcing the animals from the UK dairy industry and rearing calves on straw for up to eight months.

It said that provenance, welfare, sustainability and quality are key to its new operation.

David Price, business development manager of DB Foods, said: “Welfare is critical, especially for veal, which has a shocking reputation.”

A recent Mintel trend briefing said that veal still continues to be affected by its image of being unethical harking back 20 years.