Eblex urges energy reduction

Beef and lamb processors could make savings of up to £100,000 on their annual water and energy bills, following the publication of a series of information leaflets on energy saving.

The leaflets published by Eblex, HCC and Quality Meat Scotland (QMS), focus on four different elements of resource use efficiency and are the outcome of an MLCSL study.

Four separate leaflets are available to processors, covering environmental management systems (EMS), effluent, water and energy.

MLCSL consultant and project manager Christine Walsh said: “Managing water and energy is still in its infancy in most beef and sheep processing plants, so there are some easy wins most businesses can make which will reduce both their resource use and their costs.

“Taking the full life-cycle costs into account when purchasing new equipment is one area where savings could be made. Companies should not just look at the initial price tag, but calculate the energy, manpower and water requirements for operating, cleaning and maintaining the equipment throughout its life.

“One company involved in the study stated that by purely concentrating on its water use, it is saving £20,000 per annum. Its energy costs are four times its water costs, so it could be looking at saving a further £80,000 by adopting similar policies in this area.”

The energy and waste performance of the processing sector was first examined in Testing the Water – The English Beef and Sheep Production Environmental Roadmap – Phase 2, published by Eblex in December 2010. BMPA and AIMS members can order copies of the leaflets by contacting the relevant organisation. Alternatively, contact Karen Morris of Eblex on 024 7647 8828 or karen.morris@eblex.ahdb.org.uk.