Ginger Pig ventures into home delivery

London-based butcher the Ginger Pig is set to offer a new home delivery service.

The telephone order service will operate from its farm in Yorkshire and cover the whole of the UK except for the Highlands of Scotland and Northern Ireland. It will use couriers to deliver the full range of Ginger Pig products.

David Harrison of Ginger Pig said: “It has been in the planning for a year, but we’ve decided to go for it now. We pride ourselves on our cooked hams and wanted them to be enjoyed by anyone in the country.”

“We have a bakery onsite and we’re doing more and more cooked products and pies,” he said.

The company is also bringing out a cook book, The Ginger Pig Meat Book, written by owner Tim Wilson and cook and food-writer, Fran Warde. It will be published in May.

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