Promotional kits on offer for butchers
Published:  07 April, 2011

Butchers are being urged not to miss out on the chance of getting their hands on a new range of promotional kits to help boost their business.

Eblex is offering the kits for independent butchers to display in their shops to promote sales of Quality Standard beef and lamb throughout the year.

The quarterly seasonal kits will be offered free-of-charge on a first-come-first-served basis to butchers who are members of the Quality Standard scheme. Only 1,000 copies of each kit will be produced, but butchers need only apply once in order to receive all four kits.

The four kits are:
•    Summer, to be delivered week commencing 23 May 2011
•    Autumn, to be delivered week commencing 12 September 2011
•    Winter/Christmas, to be delivered week commencing 14 November 2011
•    Spring, to be delivered week commencing 5 March 2012

Additionally, butchers who are not members of the Quality Standard scheme will also be able to apply for promotional material from Eblex once again this year. Two kits will be made available; one to use throughout the summer trading period and the other in winter. One thousand copies of each kit will be produced and will be made available on a first-come-first-served basis.

Butchers can register for kits by calling 0845 491 8787, or emailing  enquiries@dpm-services.co.uk

Retail project manager for Eblex Mike Whittemore said: “The kits are always very popular and they tend to reach full subscription very quickly. Asking butchers to sign up for all four kits at once makes things easier – it means they don’t need to remember to keep applying for kits during the year, because they automatically receive them.

“Feedback from butchers about the kits we have produced has been extremely positive, with butchers rating them as either ‘good’ or ‘very good’ – and all scored over 90%. In addition, they also helped to increase penetration of three new innovative cuts, which featured in the summer promotional kits two years in a row including Lamb Chunkies, Centre Cut Steaks and Flat Iron Steaks.

“The penetration of Lamb Chunkies increased by 14% (from 42% to 56%), Centre Cut Steaks by 6% (27% to 33%) and Flat Iron Steaks by an incredible 17% (27% to 44%)! The cuts proved so popular that many butchers will now be stocking them on a permanent basis.

“The results are fantastic and demonstrate that, without doubt, the promotional material really does help to drive sales of Quality Standard beef and lamb.”