Roast beef joints lack choice

A recent survey has highlighted a lack of size and pack variation in the range of roasting beef joints offered by retailers.

The survey showed the importance customers place on choosing the ‘right’ joint, with the average consumer spending three minutes at the meat display fixture. The majority of consumers (86%) said that they considered price, size, cut and appearance before making a purchase, although 47% would make a spontaneous choice.

Consumers are more likely to buy roasting cuts if they are linked to suitable third-party offers and accompaniments. However, 48% of those who actively studied the joints on offer make the decision not to purchase.

Mike Whittemore, Eblex retail project manager, said: “The research has clearly shown that there is a need to review the pack sizes to ensure the roasting joint offer accommodates a wide range of purchase requirements to suit families, couples and singles, while integrating promotions with other items that make up the traditional meal.”

More than 80% of consumers would not consider buying beef roasting joints from a retailer’s website as they could not rely on someone else picking a joint for them.  

The consumer research was commissioned by Eblex in partnership with one of the major retailers.