Giant doner kebab

Essex-based meat producer Kismet Kebabs is going for a record by creating the world's biggest doner kebab.

The mammoth kebab weighs around 2,000kg and measures over 6ft in height. It took 16 people to make it and will be donated to Colchester Garrison.

Peter Michael, director of Kismet Kebabs, said: “The troops deserve a little treat.”

A special griddle is being manufactured to cook the kebab, but until it is cooked, it cannot be registered for the Guinness Book of Records.

The current world record for the largest doner is held by Maroosh Lebanese Café Restaurant in Australia, who made a kebab weighing 413kg in October 2004. The longest kebab in the Guinness Book of Records measures 1.27miles and was made by a South African company in 2008.