Botswana meat exports suspended

Meat supplies from Botswana have been suspended after a visit by EU vets identified issues surrounding the country’s traceability systems.

The Botswana Meat Commission announced it was temporarily suspending supply while a review and restructure of existing systems was put in place following a recent mission from the EU’s Veterinary Service.

In a statement it said: “The current system, based on the use of Electronic Identification (EID bolus) was introduced some years ago and was designed to track the movement of cattle through the supply chain.

"However, with many cattle allowed to roam freely across the country’s vast tracks of savannah and veldt that typifies the Botswana countryside, a number of improvements have been determined necessary.

"Notwithstanding, most of Botswana’s beef exported to the EU comes from feedlots and fenced farms and the two veterinary authorities appear confident that the issue will be readily resolved.”

It added: “This closure can only result in significant disruption of the service levels provided to its valued European customers. Over the coming months the BMC UK team are committed to helping minimise any problems caused.”