Poultry to overtake pork claim

A new study has predicted that poultry will overtake pork as the biggest-selling meat by 2030.

The research by Rabobank, a leading agricultural lender, has forecast that global demand will increase by 60% on 2010 levels to 152 million tonnes.

Over the same period, pork will rise 43% to 142m t, sheep meat will increase by 25% and beef will improve by 35%.

“The global meat market is slowly recovering from the recession, but is hampered by trade restrictions,” said Rabobank analyst Nan-Dirk Mulder. “By 2030, poultry will overtake pork as the world’s preferred animal protein.”

He added that the meat market as a whole would increase by almost 40% in the next 20 years, with 70% of the growth in demand coming from Asia, particularly China. Poultry, however, has a more international profile, with a larger share of demand growth coming from non-Asian countries.