Weddel Swift brings out celebratory cut of beef

Weddel Swift has brought out a new cut of beef for the celebrations of Great British Beef Week (GBBW) between 23 and 30 April.

Jon Ainley, regional director for Weddel Swift, said: “With so many Bank Holidays this month to commemorate Easter and the Royal Wedding, plus St George’s Day and Great British Beef Week, we anticipate that lots of people will be getting together to celebrate.

“Our new King Arthur’s Roast is a perfect cut for friends and families holding a celebratory gathering at home and cooking a roast dinner, or for caterers who are serving roast dinners or carveries in their establishments.”

The new cut is prepared from the chuck roll and weighs approximately 5kg. It comes come with a ‘do not open before’ date that allows the meat to continue to mature in the bag.

The roast forms part of Weddel Swift’s Matured English Beef range, which meets the stringent requirement of the Eblex Quality Standard Mark scheme.

Great British Beef Week was the idea of the founders of Ladies in Beef. The week starts on St George’s Day and takes in both Easter Sunday and the Royal Wedding.


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