Revival of ancient corned beef cure

O’Doherty’s Fine Meats has launched a luxury corned beef, which is based on a 600-year-old-recipe.

‘Fermanagh Black Corned Beef’ is sourced from local suppliers, then salted and cured for three months. It is sold as a joint or pre-sliced.

Pat O’Doherty, managing director of O’Doherty’s Fine Meats in Enniskillen, said: “The new corned beef carries forward one of Ireland’s traditional staple foods. The new Fermanagh Black Corned Beef is cured naturally like ham and is not processed. It most definitely won’t become a tinned meat.

“What we have done is to adapt the original recipe to create an old-fashioned and high-quality corned beef that’s completely natural, using quality beef that’s totally traceable, from Aberdeen Angus cattle reared naturally on the shores of Lough Erne.”

O’Doherty developed the corned beef recipe after studying historic documents in his local library. The company previously brought out a range of old-fashioned, traditionally cured Fermanagh Black Bacon and published a cook book detailing ancient curing methods.

The new corned beef is already on sale in outlets in Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland.

In the last six months, demand for fore-quarter beef and tightening supply in the South American market has pushed the price of corned beef up.

>Price of corned beef soars