2 Sisters reaches supplier agreement

A West Country poultry co-operative has reached an agreement with the 2 Sisters Food Group in a dispute over pricing for free-range chickens.

Members of the West Country Free Range Farmers co-operative, based in Devon, had claimed that the 2 Sisters Food Group was breaching its contract with them over a drop in the price being offered.

It had been getting 78p a bird, but in February received notice that this would be dropping to 72p a bird to reflect economic conditions and nine members of the co-operative then said they would begin legal action for damages for breach of contract.

Now, following further negotiations, members of the group say that 2 Sisters has agreed to increase the price to 82p a bird – the price that had been under negotiation when the cut was imposed.

Judith Taylor, a member of the co-op, said: “We are happy with this result, but none of us as farmers ever wanted to be involved in this kind of dispute. The settlement will take farmers nearer to the previously agreed price per bird and ensure the immediate future supply to our loyal customers.”

A spokesman for 2 Sisters Food Group said: “I can confirm that the recent negotiations have been resolved amicably. However, we don’t comment on commercial agreements between us and our farmers.”

West Country Free Range Farmers has 47 members and has been in existence for 15 years.

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