DVD to boost pork knowledge for catering students

Two new DVDs have been launched to assist training in the catering sector when it comes to pork butchery and sausage-making.

The educational films, created by Bpex, are aimed at catering professionals and chef lecturers when teaching staff and students.

It said that, with pork and sausages increasing in popularity across menus, it was crucial for new chefs to understand how to get the best out of pork.

The ‘Pork Butchery’ DVD provides a step-by-step guide to the primal cuts of the pork carcase, and how these are broken down to produce a wide range of popular and value-added cuts, including shoulder steaks, roasting joints and belly blocks.

The butchery techniques also extend to delivering lesser-known cuts, including the cheeks, trotters and pork offal, which are being increasingly sought after as a valuable addition to restaurant menus.

The ‘Making Sausages’ DVD is a short and straightforward guide to demonstrate how quality sausages can be made simply, by hand, using a table-top sausage-making machine.

The two DVDs, which both feature demonstrations and narrative by Master Butcher and Bpex’s butchery and product development manager Keith Fisher, were formally launched at the Professional Association of Caterers in Education (PACE) conference last month, to positive feedback.

John Fahy, chef lecturer at Tresham College – Corby, said: “I really enjoyed the sausage-making presentation; the DVD was simple, gave easy-to-follow instructions and was well made. It is a DVD that can be shown to a large variety of groups and makes sausage-making a real possibility for everyone – I can’t wait to have a go!

“The Pork Butchery DVD has a modern take, highlighting all parts of the pig, including those that previously would have been left with the butcher. This will be a valuable tool for all catering trainers, as well as chef lecturers in colleges and those training staff in pubs, restaurants and hotels. It is simple to watch, clear and concise, and is set at the right speed to allow for breaks to encourage discussion and questions. This is a DVD for everyone that shows exactly how to prepare meat for the catering sector.”

Bpex foodservice trade manager Tony Goodger added: “We recognised a need to equip catering colleges and those training chefs with a tool to help them demonstrate the versatility of pork, the fantastic range of cuts available and how to produce quality sausages. These DVDs, with Keith at the helm, will do just that and give new chefs a great introduction to pork and sausages.”

Copies of the DVDs, which have been made to be played either on a computer or in a conventional DVD machine, are available to request from www.porkforcaterers.com. In addition, chef lecturers are also able to download accompanying Q&A sheets from the site for use with their students.