New butcher's apprentice job attracts hundreds

A Lancashire butcher who advertised for an ­apprentice got 235 applications from desperate jobseekers – including lawyers and surveyors.

Doug Ewens, 43, said he was overwhelmed by the level of interest, especially as he was only paying just above the minimum wage.

Doug, a butcher with 25 years’ experience, is opening Ewens Family Butchers in Blackburn’s new £10million market, which is due to open in the ground floor of the shopping centre extension in Church Street on May 28.

He advertised for a counter assistant on £6 an hour. The successful applicant will be trained up to be a butcher.

Doug said: “We’ve been flabbergasted at the applicants who have presented their CVs to us.

“Lots of graduates have applied with absolutely no butcher or counter experience, but holding law degrees. There were people with a lot of qualifications but who’d never worked in a butchers before: people with degrees in law, surveying and engineering. Not the kind of people you would expect to respond to an ad like this.”